All About Banarhat Dooars – Experience The Beauty Of The Tea Gardens

Banarhat Tea Garden

Banarhat Dooars

Banarhat is a small town in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. Banarhat is situated 94km distance from Siliguri and 65km from Jalpaiguri. It is surrounded by 23 Tea gardens in the Dooars region of Jalpaiguri district. It is one of the popular tourist spots of Dooars.

Banarhat is the haven for all tea addicts. In this place, different cultures of Tea Garden workers like Marwaris, Bengalis Assamese, and Nepalese have gathered, and live together in Harmony. Durga puja mela is very popular in Dooars, it is celebrated in the month of October on the occasion of Durga puja at Banarhat high school ground. It is almost a two-week-long fair. The fair gives an opportunity to people of different cultures to come and blend together, irrespective of their caste, creed, and culture.
You can visit different tea estates of Dooars from here. Don’t forget to sip a cup of tea from here.

Banarhat Tea Garden
Banarhat Tea Garden

How to reach Banarhat?

The distance between Siliguri and Banarhat is 60 km. The road distance is 92.2 km. There is a direct train departing from Siliguri Jn and arriving at Banarhat. Services depart four times a day and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 1h 25m.

Siliguri to Banarhat train services, operated by Indian Railways, depart from Siliguri Jn station.

Things To Do in Banarhat

  • The main attraction of Banarhat is Tea Garden. You can visit the beautiful tea gardens of North Bengal from Banarhat.
  • You can visit some nearby places like Shiva Mandir, Kali Temple, St Paul Catholic Church, etc.

Where to Stay in Banarhat?

You can find several homestays and hotels near Banarhat. You can book them over the phone or face to face. Before you go there I will suggest you speak with one of them at least once.

You will get all kinds of benefits in hotels. You will find hot water, breakfast, lunch, and a clean bathroom. At the same time, you will get the hospitality and love of the people there. Below, I am sharing some Banarhat Hotel names and their Contact No here for your reference.

  • OYO 69732 Hotel Green Leaf Lodge And Restaurant (01246201324)
  • Shri Krishna Lodge (09158459159)
  • Banarhat Dharmashala

Cost To Travel Banarhat

The most affordable way to get from Siliguri to Banarhat is to train, which costs ₹110 – ₹650 and takes 1h 25m.

Also, you can book a car to reach Banarhat from Siliguri. Which costs ₹950 – ₹1,200 and takes around 1h 20m.

Best Time To Visit Banarhat

November to March is the best time to visit Banarhat as the overall climate during these months is very pleasant.

You can visit Banrhat from April to October also. But you need to carry Umbrella and raincoat to travel at that time as you may experience mid to heavy rain at that time.

Things to Carry While Travelling To Banarhat

  • A travel bag.
  • A torch.
  • A slipper.
  • Travel shoes
  • Plastic for keeping wet things.
  • Dry food as needed
  • Soap paper
  • clothes according to weather.
  • Necessary Medicines.
  • Camera For Taking pictures of Breathtaking beauty.

Frequently Asked Question About Banarhat

How to reach Banarhat from Siliguri?

There is a direct train departing from Siliguri Jn and arriving at Banarhat. This train departs four times a day and operate every day.

What is Banarhat famous for?

Banarhat is famous for its Quiet environment, and amazing view of the tea gardens of North Bengal.

What is the distance between Siliguri and Banarhat?

The distance between Siliguri and Banarhat is 60 km. The road distance is 92.2 km.

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