Bara Mangwa Darjeeling – Hidden Treasure of West Bengal

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Bara Mangwa Tour – How To Reach, Where To Stay, Places to Visit

In recent years, Bara Mangwa has been highlighted among tourists for its picturesque hamlet located just 35km from Darjeeling. Bara Mangwa means “A big place for finger millet” in the Lepcha language. In one direction, it overlooks a confluence of the Teesta and Rangeet rivers on the hilltop, and on the other, the lofty Kalimpong hill.

Those who have visited Bara Mangwa have been captivated by its surreal natural beauty, making it one of the must-visit tourist destinations of Darjeeling. This place is becoming increasingly popular among travelers, yet it remains a tourist-free zone, an offbeat destination with a peaceful ambiance.

Bara Mangwa
Bara Mangwa

How to Reach Bara Mangwa?

  • By Train: Lots of trains going from Sealdah to New Jalpaiguri. Some of the special ones are Darjeeling Mail, North Bengal Express, New Jalpaiguri Express, Padatik Express, and Kanchanakanya Express. All these trains leave at night and arrive the next morning.
    NJP to Bara Mangwa Distance 61.2 Km. From the stations, you can book a private car which takes about 2-2.5 hours to reach depending on the road condition.

    For your Information:
    Darjeeling to Bara Mangwa distance 35 Km. It will take 1 hour to 1.5 hours from Darjeeling to Bara Mangwa by car.
  • By Flight: To reach Bara Mangwa by flight, you can board a flight to Bagdogra Airport. (Bagdogra to Bara Mangwa Distance 85 Km) From there you can reserve any car to reach the destination.
  • By Shared Car: You can take a shared jeep from NJP to Darjeeling first. From Darjeeling or Bara Mangwa, you can take another shared car to reach.

Activities to Do in Bara Mangwa

  • Rock Climbing:
    Nothing beats rock climbing for adventure, physical fitness, and yes, excitement. Despite its image as a dangerous sport, rock climbing may be done safely by any decently fit individual with the right training and gear. There are a few rocks and rock walls around the place where beginners can practice their rock climbing skills.
  • Orange orchard:
    For many years, Darjeeling has been known for its oranges. The settlement of Bara Mangwa is home to one of the best orange orchards. The Gurung Garden is there. Visitors must see an orange factory and many species of orange trees.
  • Treks:
    The nearby hills can be reached by a one-day journey for guests who are feeling more adventurous. It is reachable either from the Chhota Mangwa or Peshok Tea Garden. A trip to the Himalayas can give you a fresh start in life and keep you reenergized for an extended journey.
  • Organic Food:
    A wonderful first step to living a better life is making a commitment to good eating. Here, farmers rely on biological diversity in the field to organically reduce habitat for pest species rather than manmade pesticides or fertilizers. The farmers also deliberately preserve and replenish the soil’s fertility. You can enjoy various types of organic food here.
  • River rafting in the waters of Teesta is another option for outdoor activity here.
  • Learn Yoga and Martial Art technique:
    This is one of the main events that the Farmhouse of Bara Mangwa has planned. A yoga center has been operating for the past five years under the instruction of Keshar Rai. The class meets in a farmhouse twice a week, and once a week in the Takling school playground.
  • Bird Watching:
    Bara Mangwa is the perfect location for birding for enthusiastic bird watchers because during the orange harvest when all the oranges are mature, many gorgeous Himalayan birds may be sighted in Bara Mangwa getting their share of oranges.
Bara Mangwa Viewpoint
Bara Mangwa Viewpoint

Nearby Attractions of Bara Mangwa

  • Kalimpong is one such place that is located some 21 kilometers from Bara Mangwa.
  • The Neora Valley National Park’s entrance is located near Lava, 46 kilometers away.
  • You can also visit Chota Mangwa (1 km), Tinchuley Sunrise Point (9 km), Peshok and Lopchu Tea Garden (15 km), Tista and Rangit View Point (12 km), Teesta and Rangit Confluence (8 km) from here.
  • Constructed in 1915 In the Takling village near Bara Mangwa, one of the original Tamang monasteries, Takling Monastery exhibits a fusion of Bon and Buddhism in its building and priceless manuscripts.

Where to Stay in Bara Mangwa?

Bara Mangwa Farmhouse is one of the best options to stay here. Visitors need a ten-minute walk to reach the farmhouse after getting off the vehicle. (Mobile- +91 9434872520, 9474837676)


There are six numbers of rooms in the farmhouse to provide accommodation for guests. These rooms are categorized into two different types.

Deluxe Room: Main Cottage, Big Rooms, Attached with Hanging Terrace, Basic Amenities, Great View.

Premium Room: Annex Cottage, Spacious Rooms, Basic Amenities, Private Balcony, Nice View.

Room & Tariff

Room TypeNo of RoomsRatesFoodExtra Person
Deluxe Triple Bed Room22500600.00 Per Day Per Head500
Premium Double Bed Room22000600.00 Per Day Per Head400

For more details and Book this FarmHouse Please visit their official website.

Other Homestays in Bara Mangwa:

There are also other homestays in Bara Mangwa. The homestays in this area are owned by locals and offer all the essential amenities, like free breakfast, bathrooms with western features, tidy, clean rooms with views, power available around-the-clock, water heaters, and more.

  1. Humro Home Homestay Bara Mangwa
  2. Orange Villa Homestay Bara Mangwa
  3. Darjeeling Blosom Eco Tourism Cottages
Bara Mangwa Framhouse
Bara Mangwa Framhouse

Cost To Travel Bara Mangwa

Travel Cost:

  • From NJP- From NJP you can reach Bara Mangwa in two ways.
    i) You can rent a private car from NJP to reach the destination. In that case, your estimated cost will be around 2500-3000 rupees. These fares may vary depending on the season.
    ii) If you have a low budget then you can go to a share jeep. In that case, your cost will be reduced a lot. You can take a shared jeep from NJP to Darjeeling first. Your estimated cost will be around 200-250 rupees. From Darjeeling, you can take another shared car Bara Mangwa.
  • From Bagdogra:
    You can reach Bara Mangwa from Bagdogra same as From NJP. You can rent a private car from Bagdogra also. In that case, your estimated cost will be around 3000-3500 rupees. These fares may vary depending on the season.

Homestay Cost:
See the above section.

Best Time To Visit Bara Mangwa

You can visit Bara Mangwa at any time of the year. Early December or late November are the best times to travel here. In reality, the sky will be mostly clear and the temperature will be fairly pleasant throughout these months.

Things to Carry While Travelling To Bara Mangwa

Important Information

  • Although homestays serve plenty of food, you can keep dry food like cakes and biscuits with you.
  • Credit or debit card payments cannot be made at most homestays, so keep enough cash with you.
  • It is better to keep the necessary medicines with you but if you feel ill suddenly, the doctor is available there.
  • Mobile Network is available there.
  • Carry at least one ID proof with you.
  • The bonfire and barbeque cost is different from the homestay cost. You will need to spend extra money on this.

Frequently Asked Question About Bara Mangwa

Can we watch Bird during the Bara Mangwa Trip?

Bara Mangwa is the perfect location for birding for enthusiastic bird watchers because during the orange harvest when all the oranges are mature, many gorgeous Himalayan birds may be sighted in Bara Mangwa getting their share of oranges.

What is the best way to reach Bara Mangwa?

From Siliguri / NJP/ Bagdogra you can book any private car. It will take 2 hours to 2.5 hours to reach there depending upon the road condition. Also, you can take a car from Darjeeling to reach here.

What is Bara Mangwa famous for?

Bara Mangwa is famous for its quiet and calm environment, Beautiful tea garden, Orange orchard, beautiful birds, trekking routes, and many more attractions.

What is the distance between Darjeeling and Bara Mangwa?

This place is just 30km away from Darjeeling.

What is the distance between NJP and Bara Mangwa?

This place is just 61 km away from NJP.

What is the best time to visit Bara Mangwa?

You can enjoy the beauty of this place at any time of the year. However, November and December are considered the best time to visit Bara Mangwa.

Final Words

Along with Chota Mangwa and Tinchuley, the settlement of Bara Mangwa is growing in popularity as a serene tourist destination. Bara Mangwa is a mountain slope that is well-known for its orange orchard. It is located atop the Darjeeling Hills, on the western side of the Kalimpong Hills in the Teesta Valley, with stunning views of the meeting point of the Teesta and Rangeet Rivers on one side and the Kalimpong Hills on the other.

If you are planning for an offbeat place near Darjeeling for your next trip, you should definitely include Bara Mangwa in your plan.

Special Note: Don’t leave dirt and plastic in the mountains. Keep the mountains clean by thinking of the people living in the mountains and the mountain-loving people like you and me so that they can travel in the mountains for the next few thousand years. Remember that whatever you give to the environment you will get back one day.

Bara Mangwa
Bara Mangwa

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